highway signsThe Outer Banks is the ideal place for a vacation and people drive from far and wide to enjoy their time here. This means that there are times when the traffic can become quite heavy and the number of pedestrians increases substantially. To ensure that everyone’s time on the Outer Banks is the best it can be it is imperative that everyone drive with extreme caution.

If you are arriving on the weekend, you might want to consider an alternate route to avoid the highest traffic congestion. Highway 168 coming onto the Outer Banks from the north can bog down quite badly. Here is a link to other routes suggested by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau: www.outerbanks.org/GetToTheOBXFASTER

Many visitors are unfamiliar with the Outer Banks and unsure of where they are going. This means they may drive more slowly. Try to plan your route in advance. Be sure you use your turn signals. If you miss your turn, please find a safe place to turn around. You’re on vacation so there is no need to rush. Being courteous, patient and relaxed will help make everyone’s trip much more enjoyable.

Some things to remember:

– The center lane on the Highway 158 (the Bypass) is for left turns from the highway only – not merging back into traffic. Merging from the center lane is the most frequent cause of car accidents on the Outer Banks. These head-on collisions often have sad outcomes.


– Watch carefully for Pedestrian Crossing signs. Especially on the beach road, go slowly and watch for people (particularly children) crossing the road. If you don’t stop you could find yourself with a HUGE fine. The alternative is even worse. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

– Be especially careful for bicyclists. The Outer Banks is very bicycle-friendly and has hundreds of miles of bicycle paths.  However, sometimes it is necessary for riders to cross main roads or ride where there is no path. Day or night – please be extra diligent.

– There is no tolerance for driving under the influence on the Outer Banks. The police, sheriffs and state troopers are extra diligent about people driving while intoxicated. There are many taxi companies and companion driving services available. Do Not Drink and Drive!

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