79. See The Lost Colony

Not everyone that visits the Outer Banks is aware of the rich history of this tiny strip of land and its inhabitants. Between 1584 and 1590, a series of explorations from England to the New World was led by Sir Walter Raleigh and others. On one of these forays, 116 settlers who were left on Roanoke Island to begin a colony mysteriously disappeared. The fate of these settlers still captures the imagination of historians, but most certainly involved bad weather, local Indian Tribes, and the intrigue of a Spanish spy aboard ship.

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paul Green wrote a play about the settlers, and in 1937 the Roanoke Island Historical Association (RIHA) produced the first symphonic drama in the Lost Colony Theater, located along the northern shore of Roanoke Island. These shows continue from May through August each year.  The lost colony actors also produce different shows from time to time and put them on during the season.

The outdoor stage of the Lost Colony Theater covers more than three times the area of most Broadway stages and was built near an actual colonist village. Each year, actors come from around the world to audition for available parts for this play that was written more than 76 years ago. World famous actor Andy Griffith played Walter Raleigh from 1949-1953!

For those who have an interest in the production end of this drama, there are back stage tours before each performance where you can see the extensive props and costumes associated with the show.

To date more than 3 million people have watched the story of the colonists’ arrival in the New World, their daily lives, and their mysterious disappearance. The story becomes very real as you sit in the open air theater on the site of the actual colony in the wilderness.

For More Information Visit The Lost Colony Website at: http://thelostcolony.org/