48. Surf Fishing

Image Courtesy of Outer Banks Photography by Lisa A Griggs

Looking down the beach at any given time you will see, dotted along the surf-line, solitary figures holding their fishing rods staring into the surf. As if they are standing guard along the water’s edge, these individuals quietly await that subtle movement of the rod tip which starts the action they have patiently expected.  No matter your age surf fishing on the Outer Banks is a great way to spend the time whether you are a novice or a weathered expert.

With over 100 miles of accessible surf, there is almost always somewhere to bait a hook and take your place on the beach.  The variety of fish along the shoreline is amazing and surf fishing really knows no season.  Young and old alike find peace and joy in settling in to await a strike and reel in their catch. kid fishing corolla

You might take surf fishing classes to learn all the nuances or refine your skills.  Or visit a bait and tackle shop, chat with the locals, and find the perfect combination of equipment and bait to help you land the “big one”. Then, simply take your place in the surf and cast, watching as your hook and bait arc through the air and drop beyond the waves.  Set your line and assume your position as a sentinel of the surf a-waiting that perfect moment when your rod tip dips, you set the hook, and begin that age-old battle, working with the sand and surf to discover which fish has favored your line.

Remember North Carolina requires a fishing license for surf fishing. The wonderful thing is it’s inexpensive and you can get one online, over the phone or by visiting a local tackle shop.  Rules and size limits change so have the most recent regulations handy along with a measuring device if you plan on keeping your catch.  Some towns/locations require a permit if you want to take your 4-wheel drive vehicle on the beach.

Fishing License Link

Rules and Size Limits

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