76. Skateboarding the OBX

People worldwide love to skateboarding and most bring their boards with them wherever they might go in the hope of trying out new skate parks.  The Outer Banks has an amazing number of skate parks!  Some are free to the public and some charge a fee, but all of them will provide fun and challenges.

Before you even cross the bridge there are three in Currituck County Parks.  There’s a skate park at the Maple Park in Maple, one on Knotts Island at Ruritan Park which is modeled after the infamous Wallows skate ditch in Hawaii, and one at Point Harbor Sound Park which is only one mile before the bridge.  In Corolla there is a 5000 square foot outdoor concrete skate park in a private facility in the shops at Corolla Light.

There is a new Dare County skate park in Kitty Hawk at Kitty Hawk Village Park. And the one in Kill Devil Hills at the Aviation Skate Park near the Wright Brothers Memorial provides a mix of street and flow bowl.  Kill Devil Hills is also home to a challenging private indoor facility.

The skateboard park in Nags Head is next to the YMCA. This is a 15,000 square foot park and has recently been repaired. It is open and free to the public.

The town of Manteo has an oversized “driveway” skate park in a good location close to shops.  Fesseden Center in the Hatteras Island village of Buxton has a bowl and street area.  There are plenty of places you can get skateboard lessons too.

So be sure to bring a board with you on your next visit to the Outer Banks and turn the trip into a true skating adventure.