80. The Ship Elizabeth II

EIIDockedIf you are fascinated by history and interested in a taste of what life was like on a ship in the 1500′s, then spend some time aboard the ship Elizabeth II at Roanoke Island Festival Park on the waterfront in Manteo. Quietly anchored there, this beautiful ship is resplendent with her Tudor flags flying in the breeze.

The Elizabeth II is an interactive representation of one of the seven merchant ships that made the Roanoke Voyage in 1585. When you board her you will have the opportunity to help costumed 16th century sailors set the sails, swab the decks, and turn the capstan to raise the anchor, or plot a course using an astrolabe. You can even test the straw and feather mattresses that the sailors used so long ago.

The staff of sailors will make it fun and help you learn about what a seafaring life was like more than 400 years ago. They are glad to answer any questions your family may ask about the ship or about the beginnings of English speaking America.

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