18. Step Back in Time… Roanoke Island Festival Park


Roanoke Island Festival Park

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Located just across from the Manteo waterfront on historic Roanoke Island, Roanoke Island Festival Park provides its visitors many wonderful ways to explore the history of the area.  There is an interactive representation of a 16th century merchant ship, an American Indian Village, a settlement site, and so much more.  Roanoke Island Festival Park’s 25 acres of exhibits is a perfect way for the whole family to spend the day.

Explore 400 years of Outer Banks history in the interactive Roanoke Adventure Museum.  This self-guided museum allows you to enjoy exploring the history of the area at you own pace.  Children of all ages will enjoy dressing up in the 16th century costumes, learning to navigate by finding the North Star with an astrolabe, and learning about the Lost Colony.

Discover the Coastal Algonquians who lived here when the explorers arrived in 1585 and about the pirates that trolled the waters off the Outer Banks including the infamous pirate Blackbeard.  Find out more about the other “lost colony” of Roanoke Island, the Freedman’s Colony, and study the long history of boat building and shipping in this area.

Many more surprises await you at Roanoke Island Festival Park.  There are always shows, plays, and live performances to take in. The Outer Banks History center contains a wealth of information and historical documentation about the area. There are often temporary exhibits that provide a new and ever changing source of learning and fun.

No matter where you are staying on the Outer Banks, Roanoke Island Festival Park is well worth the trip. http://roanokeisland.com/

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