66. Parasailing, Jetpack & More – Another Kind of Flight!


The Outer Banks is known for its amazing vistas. Just imagine how spectacular it will be with a birds-eye view while soaring quietly above. Or, perhaps your dreams are more futuristic? Whether you choose to strap a pack to your back and command your own ride or silently rise up to hundreds of feet behind a boat, you will have an experience you will never forget.

jet lev flyerParasailing is an amazing experience. As you soar over the waters of the Outer Banks you will be stunned by the beauty and peace. Alone or with a friend or two, you might just find yourself speechless as you relax and fly. It can be as romantic as it is dramatic. You never know what you might see. You could find yourself crossing paths with an osprey or looking down at dolphins playing in the water. You might witness a fisherman bringing in his catch or children splashing at the water’s edge.

Strapping a jetpack to your back and powering above the water is a whole different kind of rush! The latest in water adventures, you and your family will thrill as you find the future on the water. The water jet pack harnesses the energy of water to push you above the surface and you control how high and how fast. This is one thrill you do not want to miss.

Whether you dream of floating peacefully above it all or harnessing the power of the water to take hold of your dreams you will find highly trained local operators available to take you on a high flying adventure. No matter how the ride starts or finishes, whether floating or jetting,  it will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Causeway Water Sports – Everyone in the Family Will Want to Fly High Over the Sound and Enjoy an Unforgettable View of the Outer Banks! Single, Double or Triple Flights – 7649 S Virginia Dare Trl (on the Causeway), Nags Head – (252) 441-8875