73. Outer Banks Water Skiing, Tubing & Wakeboarding!

waterskiingThe boat revs its engine and the rope begins to tighten… Then off you go!!!! Outer Banks water skiing, tubing and wakeboarding is a real blast!

Did you ever consider waterskiing on the Outer Banks?! Why not? The water in the sound is often calm and warm and the perfect place to waterski. There are many great companies on the OBX that offer water skiing lessons and sessions. This is a great way for the family to learn something new together or enjoy something you already love doing! There is nothing like it.

One minute you, and your group, are enjoying floating peacefully on a tube or banana-shaped inflatable and the next minute you are holding on tight, the salt spray in your face, bouncing and hurtling over the water. Laughing so hard your sides hurt! Riding an inflatable being towed behind a boat is fun for kids of all ages. You can start slow or just go! It’s all up to you. Or, stay on shore and watch as your group flies awkwardly over the water. This is fun for everyone!!!

Wakeboarding is an almost magnetic sport… The minute you see someone skimming across the water and launching themselves into the air you want to try it! Lessons are certainly recommended and you’ll find Outer Banks instructors ready to help you start. Soon you’ll be whipping along behind the boat tempting your skills and fate and trying to catch some air!

Why not try it all!!!