77. Historic Ocracoke Island

By: dbking

Visited by Sir Walter Raleigh during his explorations of the New World and the final resting place of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, Ocracoke Island is not only a beautiful remote island with seemingly endless beaches, it has also played an important and exciting part in U.S. history.

Early in its history Ocracoke Island was a busy shipping center.  Throughout the centuries Ocracoke has been inhabited by Native American and early British settlers. It was a busy colonial shipping center and a favorite hideout for the infamous pirate Blackbeard. It has seen its share of battles and weathered many harsh storms.  All of which makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Whether you rent one of the charming historic cottages or take the free ferry and visit for the day, you will be amazed by what great adventures you will find here.  Enjoy exquisite fresh locally caught seafood at one of its many fine restaurants.  Visit one of the local taverns and imagine that you are downing grog with pirates as you try a variety of ales.

Walk the village streets, stroll the port, or head to one of the virtually empty beaches to swim in the warm calm waters.  This is as wonderful a place for water sports as it is for sitting quietly and reading a book.  The intimacy of the island also makes it a perfect place for a special occasion, family reunion, or wedding.

You may well find that the enchantment of this island draws you back again and again.