27. Take the Ferry to Knott’s Island

At the north end of the Outer Banks in Currituck County you can take a ferry to Knott’s Island. Follow the signs on Hwy 168 to Courthouse Road which takes you to the ferry landing where you can drive on and enjoy the 45 minute ride across the beautiful Currituck Sound.  Watch the waters closely as you go because you never know what you might see!  The ferry has climate controlled lounges if you would prefer to be inside, but most riders enjoy the salt spray and sunshine on the deck.

Knotts Island is a secluded and beautiful place much loved by hunters and anglers.  You can get there overland from Virginia but the ferry is so much more fun. The island has places to eat and get supplies, and every year they host the Peach Festival.   Knotts Island Ruritan Park has a top-rated 5000 sq. ft. skateboard park. The island is also home to two vineyards which feature wine tastings.

Makay Island National Wildlife Refuge, also located on Knotts Island, is an amazing place to spend the day.  Enjoy bird and wildlife watching, fishing, hiking, and bicycling throughout the Refuge.


Knotts Island does have a campground and there are weekly rental properties for those interested in staying well off the beaten path.  Whether you choose to spend a day exploring this more remote corner of the Outer Banks, or you want to truly get away from it all, Knotts Island just might be the perfect place.