75. Anyone Can Fly! Try Hang Gliding

The Wright Brothers would tell you there is a reason they came to the Outer Banks to try out their gliders and fly their airplanes.  The Outer Banks has great wind. What better way to enjoy the wind of the OBX than to learn to hang glide.

Most any day near Jockey’s Ridge you can see hang gliders perched on the crest of the sand dune ready for flight.  Intrepid adventurers listen carefully as their certified instructors introduce them to the nuances of hang gliding and take them through the pre-flight safety briefing. The good steady breezes, gentle slope, and soft sand landing make the dune optimal for gliding.

If you are looking for a true thrill, consider a tandem hang gliding lesson!  After your safety briefing you and the instructor will hook into the specially-designed tandem glider together.  You will be towed to altitude by an ultra-light aircraft and released.  You’ll marvel at the view and the sense of freedom of the flight as you and the instructor glide back to the airport and land just like a plane.

Hang gliding can be a full family adventure shared by youngsters from 4 or 5 years old to grandparents. Anyone who can handle the mild physical activity necessary to maneuver the glider can enjoy the sport.  So, step out of your comfort zone and into the harness of a hang glider for one of the most thrilling adventures available on the Outer Banks.