30. Great Food Fast

Freshest PizzaRestaurant choices on the Outer Banks abound. Really, there is something for everyone – from the finest of dining to simplest fare – and some truly great food fast.

Sometimes you just want to grab a quick bite to eat. Of course you can find “fast food”. There are traditional popular drive-thru restaurants located around the area. However, there is also the most amazing assortment of places to find food that is fast but is not “fast food”. Whether you are looking to carry-out or eat in you’ll find it on the OBX.

From the northern most point to the farthest southern island there is a great selection of pizza restaurants and restaurants that feature special pizzas. No matter if you are looking for a plain cheese or a seafood feast, the pizza chefs of the Outer Banks are tossing dough to bring the best flavors and the freshest pizzas you will ever enjoy.

Fresh Fish SandwichLooking for delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, the famous dolphin boat, or an oyster po’boy sandwich? You’ll find delicious choices up and down the beach. Everyone has their special place to go and enjoy their food to go. Maybe you want to relish a Mahi Mahi boat on the sand. Or perhaps you’d like to savor a burger with a view from a fishing pier. You can always try grabbing a dog and watching a summer league baseball game too. It won’t be long before you find your special place too.

Just because the OBX is not located in a city doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deli here. We’ve got hot meatball subs, cold cuts and condiments, and other tasty sandwiches all on fresh-baked bread.

So however you want it – in a box or a bag, or you simply want to sit and enjoy every bite right there and then – you’ll find it right here on the OBX. It will be the greatest food fast you’ve ever eaten!