22. Find Your Inner Pirate

Steep yourself in the history of the Outer Banks and find your inner pirate – Arrrgh! The Outer Banks is known for many things – the beaches, the waves, the food, and the history. From Spanish explorers to WWII submarines, you’ll find that these barrier islands are absolutely steeped in history including pirates. Young and old alike will enjoy the endless possibilities available on the Outer Banks to find your inner pirate.

The location of the Outer Banks along the trade routes to Europe, the prevailing winds, and the shallower waters made this an ideal location for pirates. Because of this location pirate ships could easily slip out and attack the merchant ships laden with treasure destined for Europe. One of the most famous pirates of all, Edward Teach – also know as Blackbeard, was known to be particularly fond of the Outer Banks.

On Ocracoke Island there is a point of land which overlooks Teach’s Hole providing high ground and a perfect look-out point for pirates. Blackbeard supposedly hosted the largest pirate gathering ever on that point of land. If you follow the Springer’s Point trail out to the beach then close your eyes you can imagine Blackbeard’s ship, the Adventure, moored nearby surrounded by those of other infamous pirate captains like Israel Hands, Charles Vane, Robert Deal and Jack Rackham. Then venture to the town of Ocracoke and visit Teach’s Hole Blackbeard Exhibit. This educational exhibit features artwork, Blackbeard history, pirate era weapons, pirate treasure, ship models and much more.

The Outer Banks Pirate Festival is held in Nags Head in early fall and it is an excellent way to find your inner pirate! Enjoy everything pirate – storytelling, history, exhibitions and shows. But Beware! If you don’t practice proper pirate etiquette before you arrive, you could find yourself walking the plank! Be sure to brush up on your pirate lingo as well as how to drink grog and how to properly sport an eye patch before you get here.

Of course there is always the Flying Pirate Half Marathon sponsored by the OBSE and run each spring.  This is not your average 5k.  It is a team oriented, family friendly obstacle/challenge course. Dress your team as pirates and win!

If you are searching for refreshment after a hard day of pirating, be sure to drop anchor at a pirate-themed restaurant.  The staff, dressed as privateers and wenches, will happily serve you the finest grub the Outer Banks has to offer.

Join in the mayhem me hearties and enjoy one of the many ways the Outer Banks has for you to Find Your Inner Pirate.