74. Find Your Inner Artist

By: Paul O

For generations the vistas and landscapes, the wildlife and sea creatures, and the faces of the locals and tourists alike have stirred the artistic soul of people coming to the Outer Banks.  Even those who never thought they had an artistic bone in their bodies are suddenly find their inner artist and are drawn to try to capture a scene and record it on canvas.

So, whether you want to try your hand at ceramics or pottery, pick up a paint brush, or dabble in mosaics, get started by taking a class or two.  For many artistic endeavors classes and workshops are available throughout the Outer Banks.

Many classes cater to both young and old, so why not grab the whole family and see what you can produce.  Perhaps you’ll find you are truly a group of artisans capable of making fine jewelry like the Tiffany family, or maybe your group is as talented as some of the famous painting families like the Wyeths.  No matter what your skill level or artistic desire, you may just find a class on the Outer Banks that teaches you how to better expand your talent.