24. Braids, Hair Wraps & Henna Tattoos

What trip to the Outer Banks would be complete without doing something out-of-the-ordinary.  For some it might be as exciting as skydiving or scuba diving while for others it might be something as simple as taking the time to read the latest best seller.  One of the easiest ways everyone in the family can take home a memory of their time at the beach is by adding a little temporary change to their look like braids, hair wraps and henna tattoos.

People have been braiding and attaching things to their hair since the beginning of time. Hair braids, wraps, and extensions allow everyone to add a little color and pizzazz to their hair without a permanent change.  Have a stylist help you find the perfect combination of your favorite colors to weave into your hair, then maybe add beads or feathers. Instantaneously you’ve changed your whole look and maybe even found your inner “hippie”.

Henna tattooing has long been part of many different cultures.  These temporary tattoos allow you to try a different look, knowing that in the few short weeks it will wash away.  Whether you’d like a small animal or flower tattooed where no one else can see, or get a full hand design similar to those worn by Asian brides, you can certainly have fun – and maybe astonish your friends and family!

So, take the whole family for a little temporary adornment and surprise each other and those left at home.

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