17. Get On Your Bike and Ride!

Image Courtesy of Island Photography

Image Courtesy of Island Photography

Riding your bike on the Outer Banks is fun for the whole family! The Outer Banks is known worldwide for its beaches, surfing and fishing. But, did you know that it is also an amazing place to get on your bike and ride?

Throughout the Outer Banks you will find bike paths, wide paved shoulders, and plenty of yellow signs on the highways warning drivers “Bicycles – Share the Road”. There are even some official state Department of Transportation-marked bicycle routes. The landscape here is mostly flat and, no matter where you’re traveling, there is almost always a refreshing breeze. This makes the Outer Banks an ideal location for leisure riders, family bike adventurers, or expert cyclists.

From Currituck to Ocracoke Island, you will find miles and miles of roads that will take you through peaceful wildlife preserves, along sunny beach roads, and through verdant farm land. You can ride from the northern most point of the Outer Banks to its southern-most island with the exception of a few bridges and the ferry (of course).

Be sure to follow the rules of the road.  Ride on the right (with traffic) if there is no designated bike path. Use caution, especially in the summer months when there can be a high volume of traffic on the main roads. The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce has kindly provided a webpage which will help you find the perfect route and enjoy a safe trip.