14. Beachcombing & Ghost Crabbing

Image Courtesy of Island Photography

Image Courtesy of Island Photography

Beachcombing probably dates back to before recorded time. The allure comes from the fact that you never know what treasures you’ll find while walking on the beach. The Outer Banks has over 300 miles of coast line which is affected daily by everything from tides, winds, storms, and ocean currents.  Waves continually break onto the shore adding new booty each new day.

Slather up with sunscreen, throw on some flip flops, grab the family and some water, and start to walk. Bring two bags, one for trash and the other for your treasures!  Consider renting a metal detector. You might discover someone’s treasured family heirloom, a coin from the 1500s, or simply a die cast toy. And, whatever you do, don’t forget your camera.2014-08-20 21.30.53

Be sure to bring your children, if you have them. Big children find bigger items. Little ones walk closer to the ground. They seem to find the tiniest shells and stones of rarest beauty. Children have sharp sight and are inquisitive.  If there’s treasure, they’ll find it!

At night the beach provides a different kind of fun – Ghost Crabbing! Ghost crabbing is a night-time beach activity that is great fun for all ages and is the type of activity that creates memories for a lifetime. While Ghost Crabs can be found on the beach during the day, the real fun starts when the sun goes down! What could be more fun than hitting the beach at night with your family and friends to explore and catch some Ghost Crabs under the stars? You can even book an organized Ghost Crabbing adventure with Master Crabbers who know how to keep it fun and safe!!!

You and your family will never get tired of beachcombing or ghost crabbing on the Outer Banks. You never know what you’ll see or find and your boundless curiosity will keep you searching!