51. All You Need for the Beach!


chair in sandAnyone who comes to the Outer Banks may very well find that they need a few beach items to add to the fun of their visit.  Maybe they forgot to pack a bathing suit, or the kids need buckets and shovels for sand castle building. Perhaps they have discovered the joys of riding the waves and everyone needs a boogie board. Or maybe as their time on the Outer Banks is nearing the end, it’s time to buy gifts for those left at home or souvenirs of their time on the OBX. Whatever the reason, there are shops strategically located throughout the Outer Banks where everyone can find exactly what they need.

Beach wear is one thing that everyone uses while visiting. Unfortunately it can be a bit difficult to find in locations that are not actually near the beach.  The sun and the sand make visitors crave light-weight, colorful, easy-care attire that allows them to be both comfortable and fashionable while relaxing during their stay. The Outer Banks has a wonderful variety of shops that carry everything from swim wear to sarongs to t-shirts and shorts. Anything you could possibly need to wear during your stay you can find in one of these magical shops.

No matter what you call them – flip-flops, zoris, slip-slaps, thongs, slippers or shower shoes – everyone needs a pair to wear in the sand and water. This multi-purpose footwear is easy for every family member to wear.  The colors, shapes and styles are limitless and so much fun. Plus they are available everywhere you look!

Once you arrive on the Outer Banks you might discover that you have forgotten something important or would just like something new. From beach chairs and umbrellas to surf boards and sunscreen, there are shops on the OBX that will cater to your needs. Souvenir shops are loaded with ships in a bottle, shot glasses, sea shells, salt and pepper shakers, and many other beautiful and kitsch items. Take home a beautiful, hand-crafted ornament or a “Life’s a Beach” t-shirt.  Don’t forget… oh, you absolutely cannot forget…. lots and lots of OBX STICKERS!!!!!

OBX sticker